I was born and live upon Ticino river.
The town I live in is a small one by the river, and it is also crossed by another watercourse, the Naviglio Grande.
I’m saying this because the characteristics the waters gives to the landscape – fogs, meadows, shimmering, evocative skills, and the indefinite flow of time in winter month, so filled up with padded silences and open, virgin spaces, are indelibly printed in me.
The rest was made by a childhood lived scampering between forests and woods, nest and serpents. As far as I can remember, I have always painted animals, spaces, seasons and silences.
I haven’t followed regular studies in the artistic field, - I’m an agronomist - but I keep on pursuing a personal, stubborn study of the evolution of the human expressive peculiarities, especially in the figurative field, but not only.
I realize that in my mind are ever-present Vermeer, De La Tour, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Bruegel, Hokusai, i Macchiaioli, Monet, Turner, Sironi, Balla, Magritte, Redon, but perhaps they are getting too many.
What thrills me is the mistery of beauty, the charme of shape, the signal of life of whatever is somehow existing and extends his inexplicable being in the void.
The care for this void and for the light arising from it, are requiring me a great use of time for realizing every work.
The subject is sometimes interesting to me for the deal of suggestions it evocates; sometimes for a hint of color, recalling a memory that I can’t name anymore.
Often, for the literary references, it is tied to.
Everything is nearly always present in variable proportions.
The spaces I work with are always inner spaces, even if they are referred to endless horizons, or small closed boxes. I don’t feel attracted by resounding high-volume colors.
I realize I use very different techniques and quite miscellaneous materials, in the search of a break down between the memory and the present.
The becoming of the existent and of the living beings, appearing so real and so flowing, seems to be clotted in a point that can be either drawing or painting that I feel in his “definitive hanging”.